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A letter from the Founder, Ibby Dickson

Mentoring Matters started out as a solution to a problem I noticed in a classroom and has grown to become a movement that I, along with my entire family, work for everyday. I value the importance of non-parental mentorship because the people in my community lifted me up and changed my life during a time when people are what we need the most.


I created Mentoring Matters for all the youth in Alabama who feel as if they don't have value or purpose in this world. I continue my work to empower our youth to take on a divisive society with confidence, and give them mentors who can walk with them wherever they may go.

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The Beginning

What started out as founding a mentoring program at my local high school, has now turned into a statewide campaign that has reached the ears of individuals across the nation. From our annual Mentoring Matters Week, community partnerships, youth-led research, and mentoring focused opportunities, this campaign has resulted with fundraised $26,000 for mentoring programs, has established two mentoring programs in Alabama school systems, and founded one non-profit organization - the Alabama Mentoring Initiative. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities!! Let's connect.


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